Examples From Various Industries For Setup Ideas


Whether a small college or large university, you are most likely looking for ways to engage with future and existing students. With our many tools you will be able to directly answer their questions about tuition, enrollment or even scheduling a campus tour! Prospective students will also be able to easily search through all the most commonly asked questions about your school.


Most Dealerships may already offer a Live Chat feature; but imagine allowing your customers to do more than that! Allow them to schedule a test drive or download your list of current specials. Our tools will allow you to engage with every web visitor; not just the ones who are there to chat with you.

Real Estate

Realtors are always looking for ways to capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers. With our platform of tools you are able to engage with every potential client, no matter what stage of the selling or buying process they are in. Our software will take a huge load off of the phones, allowing clients to schedule showings, register for open houses and search through all of your most commonly asked questions directly from your website!


Imagine being able to capture the attention of your web visitors by allowing them to engage with you directly on your restaurant's site! With the ability to not only still directly call you, they will be able to chat or make reservations. You will also be able to capture an email for future uses such as event invites or sending new menu options when they download the menu!


Church is somewhere people often go weekly, so they want to feel involved in the church they decide to go to. Start out right by engaging with them from the first moment of them coming to your website! Allow not only new members, but current ones the chance to engage with you directly from your website.


With new homes going up everyday, you want to make sure your company captures the attention of your audience. By allowing potential buyers to search through common questions and register for specials, you are able to stay in the minds of not only "ready-to-buy" clients, but those who are just beginning to think about it as well.

Software Support

Our platform of tools is not just for the retail sales and service companies. If you are simply looking to better support your software application clients or find new ones, we can help! People can directly schedule software demos or schedule a call with Technical Support, rather than potentially waiting on hold. You will also be able to capture email addresses when people sign up for your webinar!

Law Firm

When looking for a Law Firm, people generally will do a lot of research. Your Firm can stand out from others by using Responcierge. Potential Clients will be able to schedule a case consult with you, download your legal advice guide or even schedule a call from your firm. Allowing them to chat directly with someone from your legal team will help to comfort your potential clients in their decision making process.

Home Services

Allow more potential customers to get in touch with you by adding Responcierge to your website. Whether a plumber, carpet cleaner or even electrician.... customers are able to schedule appointments, sign up for specials or chat directly with your office about potentially using your service. By providing them with options, you will be able to cater to every visitor, no matter the stage of the buying process.

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