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Personal Greetings For Your Website Visitors

A personal introduction creates a connection that allows you to direct customers where you want them to go next. You can embed a video you have already created or add authenticity by using our software to create a quick video introduction. If you prefer, keep it simple by showing a text message. You can even customize by placing different messages on different pages at different times!


Meet Customers However They Feel Comfortable

Visitors come to your website because something you offer intrigues them.. so if the goal is to have each of them take the next step of contacting you, it's important realize you need to provide various ways to engage them based on their individual preferences, stage in the sales cycle and also your availability. We offer all of that automatically in one beautiful panel accessed by pushing a single button!

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of consumers say a business needs to be available 24/7


of consumers say that they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait on hold


of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person during an online purchase is one of the most important features of a website


customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature


Captivate Customers Better Through Live Chat + Send Real-time Videos

A typical text chat conversation feels as though you are typing back and forth with a robot... once you get your questions answered, you move on. Create a familiar experience by offering text-based live chat, however your chat operators are able to create a truly personal and engaging experience by quickly filming a video using a webcam and sending to the visitors at any time in a conversation. Whenever they need to explain difficult concepts, deploy empathy or simply build credibility by showing the visitor they are talking to a real person- they can now do so using our patent-pending technology instantly!


Run Your Website "On The Go" Using Our Mobile Apps

We offer both IOS and Android Apps which can be downloaded for free so that from anywhere you can chat with website visitors, view conversion analytics and receive real-time notifications of new website interactions. (Live Chat is only offered with Premium Plan)


Instantly Connect Responcierge to 1,000+ Applications

Using our Integration with Zapier, you are able to quickly send any interaction created through your website using Responcierge instantly to your favorite CRM, Support and Marketing Applications! For instance, once a new Chat Conversation completes, a copy can be sent and associated with a lead in your Salesforce® Account.

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Offer Different Engagement Tools  Based On Your Availability

An inherent challenge with live chat is that it's often disruptive during the times you are available because your employees have to stop working on whatever they were to focus on a chat momentarily, which is tough. For this reason, we offer other ways you can engage your customers, such as our Schedule Meeting tool which may reduce your chat load. The bigger problem is that it's worthless when you are "away", which is often the majority of the time when taking into account nights and weekends. Not only that, knowing whether to show a phone number and live chat option based on your availability is extremely helpful so that no matter when someone visits your website, they know what is available to them as an option AT THAT MOMENT. For instance, our video knowledge base tool may be able to replicate the same experience as live chat if the right questions are answered there.

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Simply copy and paste one line of code to the back-end of your website or application to display the widget properly...

Step 3: Setup Quickly

Choose a color, location, choose hours of operation and what tools you want to display. You are ready to engage visitors!


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