We Include Every Engagement Tool You Need... Built-in!

Your Customers are in different stages of the buying process, so connect with Them However they feel most comfortable

Live Chat

Text Live Chat + Send Videos Real-time

  • Create Empathy By Allowing Visitors To See Chat Operator
  • Sending Videos Is Quick and Easy to Do
  • Perfect for Difficult or Complicated Explanations

Contact Form

Create Personal Response Expectation

  • Give People A Reason To WANT To Send You Message
  • Use Text Or Even Better, Video, To Create An Expectation
  • Provide When And How You Plan To Respond To Message

Schedule Meeting

Instantly Pick Time That works For All

  • Set Hours Of Availability And Event Durations
  • Customize For Your Specific Event Scheduling Needs
  • Examples: Dining Reservations, Test Drives, Service Appointments

Knowledge Library

Questions/Answers + Video Response

  • Create The Similar Experience as Live Chat For When Unavailable
  • Organize By Creating Categories Through Keyword Search
  • Create Video Responses To Make Answers Incredibly Personal

Phone Call Request

Immediate Contact Info Or Call Request

  • Provide A Specific Number That People Will Feel Comfortable To Call
  • Allow Visitors to Request a Call By Providing Contact Info
  • You Are Able To Hide This Information When your office Is Closed

Email Registration

"Soft" Approach For Initial  Connection

  • Used for When Someone Wants to Connect, but Not Real-time Yet
  • Customize By Adding Personal Video or Text Introduction
  • Examples: Webinars Register, Newsletter Signup, Document Download

Client Testimonials

Build Credibility With Your Prospects

  • Display Text Or Video Testimonials from your Clients
  • Collect Using Custom Link or Enter Manually
  • Display Chosen Client Specific Info for Validation

Link Launcher

Highlight Your Existing Engagement Tools

  • Direct Potential Customers to unique area outside of Responcierge
  • Allows you to keep all engagement tools in one place in context
  • Examples: Appointment Scheduling Software or Deals Promotion

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